InternetDevels company (Ukraine) has set in motion the first Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2012 which will take place on November,4.

Freelancers, experienced Drupal developers, project and IT business owners are the audience of the camp. Here you can get to know new business partners, go offline with the people you find appealing, listen to informative and essential reports. We have worked out 3 sponsor packages for those who call for being engaged in sponsoring. You can find out details below.

Sponsorship benefits DrupalCamp Lviv 2012:
Advertise your company in the conference rooms and halls;
Welcome speech at the opening/closing;
Free of charge entrance;
Banners at http://2012.drupal.lviv.ua.

All Sponsors
price $1000 $600 $400
quantity 3 5 unlimited
big logo and description 200 words 100 words 50 words
free of charge passes to the event +5 passes +2 passes +1 pass
presentation of sponsor On opening and close On close
sponsors welcome desk 1 1 1
logo on site's front page 1 1 0
banner or stand in hall 1 1 0
banner or stand in audience 1 0 0
welcome speech on the opening 1 0 0
about post in the News (after the event) 1 0 0
guaranteed report 1 0 0