Are you up to join the Quest?

Another awesome event of the Warm-Up Day — quest-tour around Lviv will take place on November 3.
What makes it even more exciting is a prize for the winner-team. Are you intrigued?
So let’s dot the i’s and cross the t’s:

Who: 2 teams consisting of 10 -15 participants for extraordinary acquaintance with Lviv and exciting competition.
Don’t forget about the prize for the smartest team.
Where: next to the «Amphitrit» fountain on the Ploshcha Rynok.
When: 3 p.m.
Must Have: any devices for reading QR-codes, general Drupal info comprehension.

Participation fee: 50 UAH / person

Attention! We can arrange only 30 Camp members for this event.
If you are to join the quest please register on our site selecting the appropriate option.
Your registration and quest participation fees payment is the one and only guarantee of becoming a team member.

P. S. : We recommend you to put on something warm for the tour. November in Lviv might be full of weather surprises.
P. P. S. : Awarding of the winner team will take place at the Pre-Party.

Please feel free to contact Warm-Up Day Coordinator Albina Kuzmich if you have any questions or need further assistance:
Skype: id.albina
+38 093 726 01 30