Drupal rally’12: Be Social!

Drupal rally will take place on 15th and 16th December, 2012 in Minsk.

During the event the developers, geeks, Drupal Evangelists and Internet activists, as well as the people wishing to discover the world of Drupal will gather.

The meeting goal remains the same, mainly it is the development of Drupal community in Belarus.

It is worth mentioning that the organisation of this event approves that the Belarusian Drupal Community is really active. We are also excited by the fact that the last year’s experience stimulates to support the tradition of organization of Drupal events in the country.

Last year the rally was more theoretical than practical. This year we want to act a bit differently and organise an event during which the participants will be able to listen, as well as to take part in the collective creative process.

Experiment! This time each participant will choose what to do. For example, one can translate a module, create a social startup, make a presentation, discuss the challenges and trends in the development of the system with the stakeholders or simply find out what in particular Drupal is.

Create! As a result, we’d like to do a useful work. We plan to create a site on Drupal, translate several modules into Belarusian, help the beginners in the installation and explain the site owners how to improve their projects.

Discover! We want to involve new and interesting people into the community. During the Rally participants will get and share experience about the Web and Drupal.

Drupal is more than a CMS! It is also a community. We want you to take part in communication and make you creative. That’s why we have chosen the following slogan:

«Be Social!»